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Blown Loft Insulation

Rockwool Rockprime Blown Loft Insulation is a high quality and high performance insulating product. Rockwool is an extremely durable product made from rock and will not slump or decrease in depth over time.

As this product is pumped into attic spaces, it has the ability to fill every possible void or gap allowing no heat to escape. from below Rockwool is quicker to install than traditional attic insulation products and with little disturbance to the home.

Our technicians follow the steps below to provide the highest quality attic insulating to homes:

  • Depth rulers are fixed around the attic space. This allows the technician to install Rockwool Attic Insulation to the desired thickness.
    Depth ruler which allow the technician to install the attic insulation to the required level.
  • Our technician will then bring a hose into the attic space and pump the insulation until it reaches the required depth. The main advantage of this method it that every gap in the attic will be filled completely.
    Technician installs Rockwool Blown Attic Insulation.
  • Insulating tank jackets and covers are fitted to the water tanks in the attic to protect from freezing in cold conditions and a walkways to the tanks is made where necessary. Pipe lagging is also improved to protect the pipes from freezing.
    Our technician fixes walkways to the water tanks after attic insulation is finished.
  • Airflex, a thin, superior quality insulating panel is fixed to the back of the trapdoor to finish the attic insulation.
    Rockwool attic insulation fills all voids and gaps and provides the highest level of insulation.
  • Draft proofing is fixed around the attic door to leave the attic free from heating draining drafts. This atttic insulation is now finished and has the highest level of insulation.
    Rockwool attic insulation fills all voids and gaps and provides the highest level of insulation.

About West Coast Insulation

West Coast Insulation is a family run business, managed by father and son John Folan and Patrick Folan. John has worked in the construction sector for over 30 years and his experience is invaluable during the insulation process. We specialise in cavity wall and attic insulation and are leading providers of insulation in Connemara, Galway & Mayo. West Coast Insulation are fully approved by the National Standards Authority of Ireland.