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Cavity Wall Insulation & Attic Insulation Galway Mayo

West Coast Insulation specialise in cavity wall and attic insulation. We offer a professional and effective service and ensure all our work is done to the highest possible standards. Using the highest quality materials we provide insulation to new and existing homes all over Connemara, Galway and Mayo.

Our aim is to provide homes with high levels of insulation which will prevent heat loss and make the house warmer and more comfortable to live in. This in turn will allow homeowners to cut back on their fuel bills, saving you money and helping the environment as well. Other benefits include eliminating condensation, eliminating drafts, improved heat retention, improving your building energy rating and reducing your carbon footprint.

With grants now available, the cost of upgrading home insulation will be covered in 1-3 years. And with fuel prices constantly rising, the sooner you insulate, the sooner you begin to save.

West Coast Insulation are licenced installers of EcoBead Platinum, Rockwool attic insulation and Knauf attic insulation and all our work is fully guaranteed. We are registered with Sustainable Energy Ireland and can help homeowners apply for insulation grants.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity Wall Insulation is the one of the most effective and cost efficient ways to insulate new or existing buildings. At present, the majority of homes in Ireland do not have sufficient insulation and heat is allowed to escape far too easily. This means less comfort in the home and expensive heating bills. West Coast Insulation can significantly improve existing homes and provide the highest standards of insulation in new buildings. Using EcoBead Platinum bonded cavity wall insulation, our experienced team fill the cavity wall which prevents heat from escaping through the wall. A specially designed glue is sprayed on the bead as they are injected and this allows the bead to set in a mass in the wall. Read More

Attic Insulation

Attic Insulation

The attic is one of the most important areas of a house to have effective insulation. Heat has a natural tendancy to rise and will therefore escape through ceilings if allowed. It is estimated that a house can lose 30-35% of its heat through the attic. Most houses in Ireland have a thin layer of fiberglass attic insulation which is not sufficient to retain the heat from below. With a large percentage of the heat escaping, the heating must be kept on longer to maintain a comfortable temperature in the home. A well insulated home can save can save up to €500 per year by upgrading the insulation in the attic. Read More

Grant Work

Grant Work

Homes built before 2006 are entitled to grants for cavity wall and attic insulation so its a great time to improve insulation in the home. West Coast Insulation can assist homeowners in applying for insulation grants. We provide the application forms and make the process simply and easy. For cavity wall insulation, there is a grant of €300 while for attic insulation there is €300 grant aid on offer. In addition there is €50 payable In addition to this, along with a further Carbon Credit Grant & Top up of €350. The total grant allowance is €1000 and will cover a large part of the cost. Furthermore, we offer to help the owners with the paperwork and take the grant amount directly off the price.Read More

Why insulate?

Why Insulate?

According to Sustainable Energy Ireland, the gap between an energy efficient home and an inefficient one can be enormous. It estimates that the cost of energy used in a B1 rated, 110 square metre semi-detached home would be about €725 (based on average domestic oil and gas prices in October 2008). This rises to €1,175 in a C1 rated home and soars to €2,280 in an E1 rated, which would be typical of many second hand built homes built before 1980. Read More

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